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Hangzhou Transfar Commodity Co.,Ltd. was established in 1993, specializing in the production of household cleaning products.
The company is located in Xiao Shan economic and technological development zone of Hang Zhou. It covers more than 200 acres. The staffs are more than 300 people. It has the domestic advanced equipment which could product 70,000 tons of detergent powder and 80,000 tons of liquid washing powder per year. It also has modern office building, technical test center and good factory environment with garden. All of these can offer company a good foundation for a sustained, rapid and steady development in the future.

The Company adheres to its business concept which are social responsibility and customer-focused. Carry forward the enterprising spirits which are forging ahead and never satisfied with it. Advocate the corporate cultural which are honesty, pragmatic, innovation, development. Follow management principles which are open, fair and impartial manner. According to requirement of ISO9001 ISO14001 GB/T28001 standard, and improve the quality, environment and safety management system constantly.

The company will focus on development strategy planning of enterprise and the promotion of company’s core competitiveness, adhere to the management idea of people-oriented, by innovate constantly and performance target management, improve all of the work continuously, thus, it can reach the goal of customer satisfaction and sustainable development.

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